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About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a family-owned spices industry founded in 1971 in Thessaloniki, Greece. We import & export high quality spices, herbs, and teas, and also produce for retail, wholesale, and industry markets with the highest possible quality.

For almost 50 years, we have been working within the agrofood sector, with long-term relationships with local farmers, to source the best materials available. By investing in production means at our industrial facilities, we ensure proper processing of raw materials in a clean, visible form, timely and controlled large-scale production, as well as optimal production costs for our quality standards.

Why our products are special

Consistent quality and supply

With our long standing experience in the spices food industry sector, we have a stable supply network of high quality materials. In combination with our specialized processing methods and production schedule, we are able to consistently supply the retail and industrial markets with fresh products in their optimal form.


Our production lines can consistently scale according to demand, while maintaining maximum quality of the raw material. Additionaly, our technical expertise allows us to find solutions for custom retail or wholesale products and handle difficult materials in various packaging forms -from custom private label teabags, to specialized products for industrial application.

Our exported products include large quantities of excellent quality Greek herbs -both organic and conventional- for food industry applications and retail markets.

Our Products

Greek mountain tea

Greek Mountain Tea – Sideritis

Premium quality with whole & cut leaves and flowers

Greek Mountain Tea is actually a herb -genus Sideritis- that grows in the Mediterranean. Despite its massive popularity in these regions, it has been an extremely difficult herb to process, that only after years of effort, we have managed to consistently handle its dry, flowering stems in large-scale production methods that can support dozens of tons annually.


Our Mountain Tea is composed of protected Greek varieties that are cultivated at high altitudes across Greece’s mountains to produce a very high quality raw material. Its lemony, flowery, mild herbal flavor appeals to all ages and our production method clearly preserves its supreme quality.

Mountain Tea has been a traditional remedy for colds, still remains the most popular hot beverage in Greece, and our product has been immediately embraced by the knowledgable local market. Our handling process, despite its complexity, has proven able to systematically produce large branded/PL quantities of this unique, authentic Greek herbal tea.

Greek Oregano

For more than 20 years we have been trading and exporting high quality Greek Oregano for food industry applications. It is our main exported herb, cultivated by selected local farmers in northern Greek valeys where the herb is hardened under the scorching sun and cold winds, to produce dried oregano with at least 3% volatile oil content.

To ensure the premium quality of our final product, we carefully choose and test oregano crops and then process the dried herb with modern equipment at every stage of production. During processing in our facilities, our oregano is cleaned and shieved multiple times to eliminate all dust particles and stalks, and also for consistent leaf size, before further packaging. Size reduction options up to powder form are available for specialized applications.

Greek oregano
spices and herbs

Herbs & spices

We offer spices, herbs, tea ingredients, dried vegetables, and medicinal herbs in various processing forms, depending on application. Procurement is from more than 20 countries worldwide, depending on season conditions and availability, but always according to specifications and our quality standards.

  • Spices, herbs, & teas for the retail market
  • Raw materials for food, phytopharmaceutical, & herbal tea industry sectors
  • Private label & processing services
  • Custom products and packaging for food industries
  • Individual portions for HORECA (Salt, Pepper, custom products)

Natural, healthy products, without additives

As we focus on sourcing pure, unprocessed, natural materials, all our final products reflect this principle, being free of additives.

  • Organic Greek herbal blends
  • Spice blends
  • Tea blends & herbal teas

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